Tattoo Time!

Since our trip is coming to a close, we thought of no better way to remember our South American home away from home than by getting some tattoos that will last forever! I got a picture of a mate on my upper arm, Maddy got an outline of the BsAs province on her lower back, & Abi’s is too personal to mention, but it’s pretty fabulous. 🙂

Aaaaaaahhh, JUST KIDDING! We didn’t even fool you, did we?
Anyway, I actually did check out an Argentine tattoo parlor when I went with a newer housemate of ours, April, to get hers done. Ironically enough, it was called American Tattoo, although we didn’t have the luxury of explaining what April wanted in English. After some pointing in font books & decent translation, she got inked! It turned out really well & it was fun checking out the mall where the parlor was located – a kind of alternative place with lots of other tattoo & piercing parlors along with “tobacco paraphernalia” stores.

American Tattoo logo at the front desk

April's finished product - still fresh & wrapped up!

I apologize if I caused any heart attacks in the writing of this blog post. We’ll give you some warning before we get the eyebrow & lip rings we were thinking of getting. 😉

– Alexa

4 thoughts on “Tattoo Time!

  1. Oh you are baaaahhhhdddd………
    Go for the tattoo if the alternative is lip and brow rings. Those make me shudder. We can always make the tattoo go away with a Sharpie ……..

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