Last-Minute Gastronomic Adventures

Before Abi & Maddy took off, we had to go to as many of our favorite or yet-to-be-tested food places as we could fit into our schedule!

FroYo at Top It

Stocked up on Rocklets

We had yet to try shawarma!

Now we understand why so many of our housemates loved it!

The potential last Coca in a glass bottle

The Final Lunch:

Luchador masks @ La Fábrica de Tacos!

Levels of hot sauce based on where you're from (or how daring you are)

Tori with our GUACAMOLE

Maddy & tacos! That picture guy can't even stand how great they look.

Abi ate her baby taco right up.

Om nom nom veggie tacos

We’re about to leave for the airport – José was nice enough to offer us a ride, so Alexa can go with to say goodbye!

– Alexa, Abi, & Maddy

5 thoughts on “Last-Minute Gastronomic Adventures

  1. Awwww! So nice to all be together until the last moment! Its only about 6 weeks before you will all be back at Pitt for fall classes though!

  2. Shawarma! You’re only supposed to eat that when you’re drunk!

    Also, those luchador masks remind me of Nacho Libre.

    • Hahaha I think most Porteños probably eat them when they are drunk, but alas, we were not. And it was like 1PM so a drunk shawarma run was definitely not happening hahahah!
      And I was wondering where I remembered those hats from!

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