Chau, Chicas!

Yesterday, unfortunately, was the day. Abi, Maddy, & our other roommate, Tori, packed up their lives & returned back to the states. It was a bittersweet moment since I know they all wanted to go back to see family & friends, but Argentina has definitely become a home to us, & it’s difficult leaving something so familiar.

Last shot taken of the bloggers together at Elda's

Elda must have felt the same way because she cried as much as we all did!

After all of the presents & hugs goodbye, we packed up José’s car (more like José packed up José’s car), & made the trip to Ezeiza.

It was really rough having to leave the three of them in that airport, especially since being there brought back all of the memories from the beginning of our trip. The good thing is that this extra time allows me to keep exploring Buenos Aires for those of you who are hanging out in the states with Abi & Maddy now!

– Alexa


5 thoughts on “Chau, Chicas!

  1. And I can confirm that Maddy safely made it home, and is napping on the sofa with her kitty, who missed her terribly. Many thanks to Jose for the ride. We look forward to more posts, and then to a wrap up one describing what it’s like to come back home.


    • I’m glad that Maddy & her cat are finally reunited. I’m sure you can accurately imagine how much I’ve heard about it. Personally, I’m looking forward to the wrap-up post that Maddy & Abi are going to do soon! At least, that’s what I was told..

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