For the Love of Ferias

Living situations always have their advantages & disadvantages. The advantage of having been in BsAs for 5 months is that I can go back to somewhere I’ve visited before & make it a whole new adventure! The advantage of having all new housemates means that I can drag them along too, & they think it’s just a grand old time. Yesterday we walked a few short blocks to the feria in Plaza Serrano, which always has bunches of artisans’ tables set up outside as well as in the bars in the plaza.

Austin showing off all of the colorful mates being sold

We got free t-shirts for the 4th of July BsAs Pub Crawl!

They were mistaken for a couple = got their names made of wire for free.

I got one, too!

Since I was recently reminded that I never bought myself a birthday present from my mom, another housemate, Kirsten, & I went on a search for boots earlier today. As should have been expected, we got distracted by the feria near mine, Abi, & Maddy’s favorite park. Once we got back on task, we discovered that most places (aka the places where we could actually afford to shop) were closed on Sundays. At least we got to look at all the fun handmade stuff & chit-chat with vendors!

– Alexa


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