Music Video Martes!

Look how many M-days I’m finding for these videos – it’s amazing! The new Alexa Schedule might have thrown me off a bit & didn’t bring my attention to the fact that yesterday was Monday. Hopefully this makes up for it!

Significance of This Song: it’s always on the radio station that I hear the most in BsAs (105.5), it was playing the last night that Maddy & Abi were here with me, it’s sung in both Spanish & Portuguese (which are the two languages I want to master the most), & at least parts of it are shot in Brazil. If you can’t recall, the three of us had somewhat of an obsession with Brazil during our time here. It might as well continue!

Insignificance of This Song: there seem to be clips from one of the Fast & Furious movies here & there throughout the music video (anyone need a Vin Diesel fix?) & the story within the video is pretty dramatic = fun to get into.

Without further ado…

– Alexa

4 thoughts on “Music Video Martes!

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