Inside Jokes

Living in the same house with your friends for 5 months can kind of lead to everyone, well, essentially becoming the same person. We were no exception to this, so we thought it would be fun to give you guys a taste of the crazy/silly/stupid/weird things that we picked up from living together!

  • We all developed a great desire to become better winkers while in Buenos Aires. It didn’t really have anything to do with the fact that we were in Buenos Aires, but more because one of our housemates, Kellie, was an incredible winker. Literally melted your heart any time she winked at you. Now that we knew that special ability existed, we all practiced practiced practiced and we’ve come far. Nowhere near the melting-hearts level, but we definitely made significant improvements in our winking abilities. 😉
  • Some of you may remember our hunt for the perfect café. Well, our favorite was La Eterna Cadencia, but we weren’t very good customers and didn’t go nearly enough to call ourselves regulars (which was the unspoken goal). However, we did reach our goal in becoming regulars at a different place: Rigolatto! (it’s an ice cream parlor, which shouldn’t surprise you guys.) We even made friends with the lady that worked there, Maria!

  • This one also has nothing to do with being in a foreign country, but we quoted Dane Cook all the time. Mostly from Creepy Guy at Work and Relationshit.
  • CONFESS! Alexa introduced us to the wonderful game of Confess where you basically just shout “confess!” to someone (well, the shouting probably isn’t necessary, but it does add a certain flavor to the game) and then they have to say something that they’ve never told anyone before. It creates some good bonding moments, and also some “wait, really?” moments too, which, let’s be honest, are even more fun!
  • We shortened Spanish words like no one’s business. Keep in mind that these aren’t words that native Spanish speakers shorten, just words we felt needed shortening (because we do things like that!)

empanadas = emps

estancia = estanc

llaves (keys) = llavs

Gancia (a local beverage) = ganc

-Abi, Alexa, and Maddy


2 thoughts on “Inside Jokes

  1. Mike and I definitely became fans of Rigolatto in our short time there (Maddy tipped us off). I think banana was my fave, but I didn’t have time to work my way through all those flavors!

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