Government Boss

Yesterday was the first round of voting for the jefe de gobierno for the city of Buenos Aires. I went with José to see what it was all about, & as expected of Argentina, it was kind of a mess. Everyone is required to vote all on one day in various locations depending on where they live, so we walked a few blocks to an Armenian school where there were big lists all over the door with residents’ names that matched them to table numbers.

We walked around a bit trying to find the right table, eventually found it, then José handed over his ID in exchange for an envelope, we waited in line, & then finally got to walk into a marked classroom where he was supposed to choose a paper that said his selected candidate’s name.

Apparently foreign girls can seriously mess up election results, so they told me I had to leave the room, but I did manage to catch a glimpse of how everything worked, at least! José came out with the envelope sealed & dropped it in the cardboard box that was on the table & got his ID back.

According to last night’s news, Mauricio Macri won the first round of elections. The little ceremony that took place after they announced his victory was done in true Argentine style. Where else would you see a political candidate dancing on a stage full of balloons, streamers, & many other dancing people? The next round of voting will take place in about 3 weeks.

– Alexa

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