MVM: Creeper Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! For this week’s MVM, I’m able to connect the video to my own life so that maybe you’ll appreciate it a bit more.

I was scrolling through Facebook one fine morning when I came upon a video that a girl from my volleyball team at UB had posted. Based on her comment, she seemed to think the video was amusing, so I figured I’d give it a try. The video itself is pretty strange/comical, but what really got my attention was the keytar player in the red zip-up jacket. He looked so familiar. Then it hit me.

The day that Maddy & Abi left, all of the new kids from CEA who had just arrived in the city came over for the traditional empanada, mate, & movie night. After learning about some aspects of Argentine culture, of course they wanted to go out & have fun, so I walked with them about two blocks from our house to Niceto Club. There I met some creepy dudes who claimed to be in a famous cumbia band. (It’s even possible that they told me they opened for the Miley Cyrus concert.) I was given a CD & some more extremely believable stories, & then it was past time for me to go home, but lo & behold, here this guy is again! He’s creeping up everywhere!

For real, though, the video is fun to watch. 🙂

Update: José has informed me that Creepy Cumbia Man is, in fact, Pablo Lescano. Apparently he wasn’t lying when he told me he was super famous. I guess I am just not a fan of cumbia.

– Alexa


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