Tango: for Tourists or Cool Kids?

Surprisingly enough, Pitt has a Tango Club, so Maddy & I tried it out before the end of last semester to get ourselves geared up for “all things Argentina”. It was a wonderful experience since our instructor was an older porteño who had been dancing tango for over 60 years, but the actual dance didn’t really catch my attention. Since being in Argentina, we’ve all run into tango dancers in the streets at ferias, CEA events, & other touristy places, but I’ve never sought it out until the other day when a friend suggested we check out La Catedral.

One of the girls who I met up with took the tango class offered at school & had been to La Catedral before. The rest of us were surprised by the feel of the place. I can’t really describe it, so I’ll just show you.

We walked in as one of the classes was finishing.

After the class, the pros came out to play.. er, dance.

After some time, a live band came out!

Sam & our tango pro, Merritt

We even managed to drag the Argentine out to the tourist hotspot.

While I was there, none of us actually danced, but it was fun to watch the older couples twist around the floor. The music was fresher than you’d expect for such a historical dance & the pitcher of sangria we ordered didn’t hurt either. I think maybe I can give tango a second chance.

– Alexa


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