Fútbol Mania

For those of you who don’t really follow soccer, the Copa América has been taking place in Argentina this entire month, so the already high levels of Argentine soccer loyalty have been soaring lately. Unfortunately, Argentina lost to Uruguay in the quarterfinals last night. If you weren’t watching, you missed out because it was an intense game! Thankfully, that wasn’t the only game I got to watch yesterday; I finally got up early enough & dragged my friend Maddie along to watch José & his friends play the final game in their league. The weather was perfect & we were surrounded by South American soccer boys all morning: dream come true?

Taking a break at halftime

José suiting up as goalie for the second half

I’ve been ordered to tell you that they won, but maybe yesterday just wasn’t Argentina’s best day for soccer. It was tons of fun to watch, at least! 🙂

– Alexa


2 thoughts on “Fútbol Mania

    • True fact! They seemed to care about the game more & play as a team a lot better; but you’re right, it was sad to watch.

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