Making a Killing at Mataderos

Yesterday being my last Sunday (OHMYGOD), I had to make sure that I dragged myself out to the Feria de Mataderos, which, surprise, is in the Mataderos neighborhood. My host mom, Elda, has been telling me forever that I need to go because it’s so different from the other ferias that are closer to where we live. She was definitely right! After almost an hour-long bus ride southwest to the edge of the city, I found my two friends Sam & Maddie amongst the first few booths of the fair. When we started, it seemed a lot like any other feria we’d been to, but as we kept walking further in, we found everything that we had been told about: the live music, folk dancing, artisan dulce de leche, jams, wine, & leather goods as far as the eye could see.

Custom-engraved silver mates

They were all about the incense holders.

Sam & Maddie made sure to obey the "don't hit the drums" sign even though it was tempting not to!

Biggest zucchini ever?

We definitely contemplated just buying a bunch of chocolate instead of getting real lunch.

I've been told it's a "classic combo", but none of us North Americans really understand the syrup-and-popcorn-covered fruit thing.

Live alpacas to go along with the sweater vendors!

At the end of the fair, they had horses racing/playing some kind of game in the middle of the street!

As you can see, it was a bit more country than the other ferias. Maddie & I had fun looking at all of the farm-related goods & realized how weird it’ll be going back home to big open fields & empty gravel roads after our 6 months in the biggest city Argentina has to offer.

All three of us did a good job buying more presents! Hopefully they’ll fit in our bags, which I have unfortunately started packing. Serious studying has commenced, as well. My final is on Thursday! Speaking of, I should probably get back to that.

– Alexa


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