It’s So Fluffy I Could Die!

I have yet to do anything interesting today because I’m once again *attempting* to study; however, I was reminded that I didn’t put up this picture yesterday from the feria de Mataderos, & it must be shared.

Commence death by cuteness overload.

In other news, José’s family has been nice enough to invite me over for a farewell dinner tonight. This may be the true test of my Spanish language skills. If I don’t survive, thank you all for your support & for following me on this adventure. I’ll miss you greatly.

– Alexa

3 thoughts on “It’s So Fluffy I Could Die!

  1. I have never heard of anyone not surviving a dinner with their boyfriends family…. So enjoy your time with them and take pictures if it is appropriate!

  2. voce vai se sair bem. argentinos bajulam americanos.
    aproveito para agradecer o e-mail gentil que me enviaste,
    tambem desejo toda a sorte do mundo, nunca encontrei pessoas tão guapas. espero chegar a tempo.

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