BREAKING NEWS: Argen-time Lives On

I know that while you were all reading those last couple of posts about our post-trip reflections, a lonely tear was rolling down your face & you were thinking to yourself, “who am I going to vicariously live through now?” or possibly, “why does this adventure have to end?” Good news for you all: you can continue living vicariously through us because the adventure NEVER ends!

Maybe we tired you out after 6 months in Argentina, but we’d like to think that our normal people lives in Pittsburgh & elsewhere are pretty interesting, as well. We also have to admit that this blog has kind of become our little baby. It makes us do more exciting things because we know there are people who will judge us if we’re boring, & writing about all of the excitement is addicting. That being said, let’s keep going!

We’ve updated our About page & site banner, if you haven’t noticed. Check them out!

– Alexa, Abi, & Maddy

3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Argen-time Lives On

  1. I sure hope it includes Music Video Mondays:-) I’ve become addicted to listening to songs I cannot understand.

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