Where’s the Snow?

When my mom told us that we were going to Seven Springs (a ski resort outside Pittsburgh) for a few days for this summer’s family vacation, I immediately thought “but there’s no snow!” Other people apparently thought the same thing because the resort was basically a ghost town – but this turned out to be a great thing! My family was able to take advantage of no lines, nearly empty pools, and beautiful mountain views.

My brothers and I got to try our hands at frisbee golf, which is extremely difficult when the course is on the side of a mountain.

The little yellow dot at the bottom of the mountain is what we were aiming for...

We were also about to break out our old lacrosse gear and play catch for the first time in years!

The highlight of the trip was definitely being able to go to the sporting clays course and shooting a gun for the first time! I was especially excited for this because “shoot a gun” is #13 on my personal bucket list and I finally got to cross it off! For those of you who are unfamiliar with sporting clays (I had never heard of it until that day!), you basically shoot these little clay discs that are flying through the air with a huge shotgun. It was surprisingly really fun and I was able to hit 8 out of 25, which I’d say is pretty good for someone who hasn’t touched a gun before!

My brothers forgot to take a picture of me shooting, so here is a picture of one of them!

Moral of the story: don’t underestimate hitting up a ski resort in the middle of summer! Also, take as many mints that will fit in your pockets!

Mints in the bathroom? Don't mind if I do!



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