A Trip to the Taj Mahal

… the Orland Park, IL version! My friend Rachel and I have been craving Indian food for quite some time, so we took a little drive over to a place (the only place nearby) that could help us out.

I really wish I could properly name everything we ate for you, but sadly, I cannot. All I can say is that everything was absolutely delish.

Got started with a sweet tangy sauce, a spicy green one, and the Indian version of tortilla chips.

Then our food came! Rach got Aloo Gobhi and I ordered a vegetable Jalfraize.

Rachel was excited about our somosas

Obviously we ordered naan. If the only Indian food you ever try is naan, I might be able to forgive you.

Best meal ever?

After all of that indulging, we were definitely satisfied and more than stuffed. I’m glad I finally kicked that Indian food craving; we had been planing to get it in BsAs for weeks, but it never happened! I can’t say I’d hate traveling to India for a meal, either. New trip to plan?

– Alexa

One thought on “A Trip to the Taj Mahal

  1. Looks so good! My family ordered Indian last night – I opted for the byriani (sp?), but still indulged in naan and samosas! I guess we think alike after living together for so long; I was even telling my dad about our intentions to get Indian in BA. And yes, definitely a new trip to plan šŸ™‚

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