It’s about emp time!

That’s right, the time had finally arrived in my house. I’ve been craving some of our Argentine favorites for a while now, and my dad finally took the initiative to indulge me in one of those: empanadas! I got all too excited Wednesday night when I say the dough process begin, only to be informed that the actual empanadas would come the following day. So come Thursday, I readied my camera and flitted about the kitchen like the paparazzi, trying to document this momentous event.

The empanada making process at its finest (recipe from a local news station):

Cooking the veggies for the choclo filling!

The stuffing process (and yes, he used two different crimping methods to distinguish between meat and veggie!)

The finished product!

Eating at the proper time, no less!

A typical Argentine dessert to finish, of course 😉 - homemade cherry pie!

Curious as to the results of our intrepid foray into empanada making? ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! The crust was thinner than anything I had in BA, but that was only for the better. It may have just been too long since I’ve had them, but these may have even beaten Elda’s (don’t tell her, though!).

This was definitely a little taste of Argentina, and it made me miss everything just a little bit more… hopefully our next adventure – into the realms of medialunas from scratch – is just as successful!

– Maddy


6 thoughts on “It’s about emp time!

  1. I like the part where you eat dinner at a time that makes sense. This 6pm thing is really getting in my way lately.

    Give your dad a pat on the back for me! They all look delish.

    • I agree! I’m still snacking around 4pm and then I’m not hungry for dinner! I’m starting to think the whole ridiculously late dinner thing may actually be a good idea…

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