El Farm: Relocated

You might recall that one time that Abi & I got to check out José’s farm while we were still in Argentina. That was a fun trip for me because I’ve got a farm of my own back home! I was doing some work there yesterday, and I thought I’d take a few pictures of the wildlife to share with you since most of what we’ve been writing about is from cities.

As a warning, the masks that some of the horses have on are made of mesh to keep the flies out of their eyes. Don’t worry, they’re not blinded.

Where all the ponies sleep! In my defense, this is before I cleaned everything.

Mr. Pibb couldn't care less about you right now.

Chief & Snickers snacking

Had my really official work boots with the extra serious red zebra knee socks.

My baby, Wrangler! I've had him since I was 9 years old.

Romeo - he's Wrangler's buddy. When Wrangler lets him be.

Maybe it's creepy, but we buried my first pony, Sugar, between the sugar maples (get it?) in the back after she died. She was my 4th birthday present!

Maple and Truly didn't quite understand what the camera was.

Towards the end of the day, I found a sleepy Mr. Pibb.

All done!

– Alexa


3 thoughts on “El Farm: Relocated

  1. I’ve found this really amazing, having the chance to own a nice farm, with horses and Mr Pibb! Must be great! Now I understand why that smiley face on the farms in Arg!.

    Mr Pibb is kinda lazy!
    Always wear those boots with Socks, specially alpaca socks 😛
    Beautiful Grass
    Put a Cape on the horses, and there you have, superheroes horses!

    Take Care! Nice post. Kind of a sweet cut to the city posts.

  2. Thanks for the farm pics Alexa!!! Your horses are beautiful, as is Mr. Pibb. And I agree with Fabrizio – those boots were made for alpaca socks 😉

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