Pirates, Train, and A Firework Show

What better way to spend a hot summer evening than enjoying America’s favorite pastime with 39,000 other people – for FREE! One of my bosses gave my friend Laura and I tickets to a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game last night, and lets just say while the game itself wasn’t all too great (we lost 13-2), we had a fantastic time enjoying our awesome seats (4th row, anyone?!), expensive – yet delicious – ballpark food, a Train concert, and a beautiful fireworks show!

PNC Park from the other side of the river

View from our seats!

Laura & I

Some highlights of the evening:

  • Patrick Monahan – the lead singer of Train and Pennsylvania native – threw out the first pitch (He can throw a baseball very well, I might add!)
  • My personal favorite part of the game: The Pierogi Race N’at! You can watch a random YouTube video of it here, but basically it is just people dressed up in pierogi costumes that race around the park. As a Pittsburgher, I can’t help but love 1. pierogis, 2. pierogi costumes, and 3. the great use of Pittsburghese!
  • My new favorite jam Pumped Up Kicks was picked for the song that they randomly play during one of the innings!
  • Laura and I made friends with the guys who worked at the Dippin’ Dots stand and they shared with us the secret combination of Dippin’ Dots that tasted like Thin Mints. It was delicious!

The real reason I came to the game

  • Fireworks!

And now for the best part of the night: the Train concert! I thought the guys from Train did an amazing job and Laura and I really enjoyed the show. They played about 6-8 songs and were just lively and fun and had a beautiful backdrop of the city and fireworks. During “Marry Me“, the lead singer got off the stage and ran around the field slapping hands with everyone! Let me just say that it must take some good vocal chops to be able to literally RUN around a field and still sing a song at the same time. Finally, here’s a video I took of the finale of the show, “Drops of Jupiter”! The audio quality isn’t spectacular but with the combination of music from our childhood and a great fireworks show, it was too epic for me NOT to show you! (You can always put it on mute, pop in “Drops of Jupiter”, sit back, and enjoy the show!)

Walking back to the car, we were greeted with this view of the city and it gave me a chance to reflect of what a great time I’ve been having this summer so far! I thought that this was going to be one of the worst summers ever because I wouldn’t be in Argentina, but I have been enjoying going to work, hanging out with friends that I haven’t seen in forever, and still being able to talk with all the friends we made while in Buenos Aires, so I have been having one of the best summers ever! How are all of your summers (or winters!) going?


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