Prom Party!

Since I’ve been home, I’ve only had a quick chance to see all my friends together at one time due to everyone’s summer job schedules and my reorganizing in between moves. (I’ll be in Pittsburgh in less than a week!) It was also my friend Haley’s birthday on Sunday, so we combined the need for friend time with the celebration of Haley’s existence and had a big themed party, as us North American college kids do best. As I’m sure you’ve guessed already, it was prom-themed! We all met in high school, so it was a fun little blast from the bast and completely legitimate…

We made corsages (thanks to Haley's backyard).

Embarrassing stair pictures were taken.

Meggie was crowned prom queen.

Pat was king.

They made an adorable royal family.

Besides those festivities, we celebrated the life of Haley.

Happy birthday cupcakes!

Karaoke never hurt anyone, either.

If you ever need some theme party ideas (or extra guests), just let me know. 😉

– Alexa


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