Gimme S’more

This may seem only marginally important in the context of my life, but I had to share this special moment I experienced the other day. After complaining that there were no marshmallows or Hershey’s chocolate to be found in Argentina (I didn’t even check for graham crackers), I finally got my golden-brown, smokey, gooey, delicious, sugar-laden s’more.

It was a glorious moment that I hope you can appreciate with me.

In other, more nutritious news, my mother and I went to Veggie Fest today! There was quite an arrangement of interesting things/foods/people, so if I get a break while packing up my life again tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it went.

– Alexa


2 thoughts on “Gimme S’more

    • Haha I found everything in the United States, unfortunately, so I can’t really direct you to your nearest marshmallow if you’re in Argentina! All I can assume is that someone’s selling “American” foods for a higher price somewhere..?

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