So Alone

Abi and Alexa may be back in Pittsburgh, but I’m still stranded at home finishing up my summer. I can’t say it has been a particularly exciting time, and it completely lacked Pirates and ponies, but it has been sufficiently fun and relaxing. Since nothing in and of itself was worthy of a post, below are a few photos – since together they are almost adequate – of how I’ve been spending my time 🙂

Beautiful caprese salads are perfect for the summer!

Trying to replace Maria's with Cold Stone... cake batter with marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles came close!


Chocolate sauce is appropriate when Culver's forgets to put the orange flavoring in their "Dreamsicle" custard (resulting in peach-colored vanilla custard).

How am I supposed to leave this behind?!?!

As I said, it wasn’t an especially adventurous summer, but hopefully Abi and Alexa will drag me new places when I get back to Pittsburgh!

The one exciting event in my life? I’m hopefully buying a new camera tomorrow, since my old one broke in Argentina!

– Maddy


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