A Shaky Welcome Back

I finally made the long and tortuous 20 minute trip to move into my new apartment at Pitt today! Once I’m finished decorating my room with the abundance of Argentina pictures I’ve printed, I’ll be sure to post some pics of my new home!

Moving in went fairly smoothly, except for the quick interruption of an earthquake. I’m sure everyone has heard about it on the news (or felt it yourself!) by the time you’re reading this, but earthquakes on the east coast are extremely unusual. After I felt my building shake for a few seconds, I was obviously curious as to why it happened, but since they were doing construction on the road outside my building I just figured it had something to do with that. When I checked Twitter a few minutes later, I was surprised to read a tweet from someone in NYC who said that their office building just shook. And then Twitter exploded with people tweeting about feeling the earthquake! It was my first time experiencing an earthquake, so it definitely made the day a little more interesting – and it was actually really fun to hear about it just minutes later from people across the east coast on various social media sites! (According to Twitter, there were more than 40,000 tweets about the earthquake within a minute of it happening!) I’m almost positive there was no real damage in the Pittsburgh area, but my thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this rare quake.

The Cathedral of Learning is alright

Classes don’t begin until next Monday, so we have a long time to just hang out and get used to being back on campus (and getting used to the sound of hospital helicopters flying through the air at all hours of the night!)



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