West Virginia, Mountain Mama

About eight months ago, I was on a weekend climbing trip with my roommate at the New River Gorge in West Virginia. One of our guides (from Pitt’s Outdoors Club) mentioned that she goes out there a lot in the summer to deep-water solo, which is basically just climbing up the rocks without ropes and jumping into the lake. At the time, we thought it sounded fantastic, and did the usual “ohmygosh we should do that!” sort of thing while not really expecting that we’d be organized enough to pull it off. I’m surprised to tell you that we actually DID it! Here goes the beginning of my last week before classes start:

After quick planning and a 3-hour drive, there we were at Summersville Lake.

We started off well with a full day of swimming.

Set up camp for the night

Got the fire going

And started making s'mores! (Note: I'm reppin' the Argentine alpargatas.) 😉

Mmm.. you know how much I love s'mores!

Woke up to this the next morning. Not too shabby, huh?

We attempted some more climbing the 2nd day.

I'd forgotten my climbing shoes the day before, but this time we were in business.

Conclusion: they definitely helped.


We tuckered ourselves out and spent the rest of the day floating around.

It was absolutely wonderful getting to pass the time outside on such gorgeous summer days. Unfortunately, they’re some of our last ones! I’ll hopefully be escaping the city for a weekend here and there on other Outdoors Club trips soon enough. I definitely couldn’t have asked for a better summer-ending trip, though!

– Alexa


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