The First Strip Trip

Now that everyone’s all settled in, and real life is starting back up again, we can introduce you to the wonderful world of Pittsburgh. Although not very large, this city has a lot of personality, which can be seen through its very distinct neighborhoods. My roommate, Erin, and I needed some interesting groceries, so we naturally headed to the Strip District on a Saturday morning. You can find more about the area’s history and all of the fun goings-on here.

We walked along the main drag looking for the stores we knew when we stumbled upon a discount grocery store. This may sound sketchy, but it’s great for college students! We can handle some dented cans of veggies if it means they cost about 50% less than at a normal grocery store.

My original plan was to make a serious amount of hummus, so we headed over to the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company, which is chock full of dried beans and fruits, nuts, pasta, deli meats, cheeses, and various other specialty items.

I think we bought enough garbanzo beans for the entire year.

Once we got what we came for, we spent the rest of our time browsing the store and the rest of the vendors’ offerings outside. Does this fruit look a little bit familiar? There was just a lack of popcorn on it.

There's no way to escape the Steelers craze. They won't let you.

It was a beautiful day to be out and about with the local Pittsburghers and other students stocking up on fun food items and Pittsburgh sports gear. For now, it’s back to reality since the day has finally come that we’re back in classes. It seems kind of strange since I took my last final just over a month ago, but I guess the whole being-in-Argentina thing made up for it. I’m thinking Maddy, Abi, and I will have to have an Argentine candy powwow real soon.

– Alexa

3 thoughts on “The First Strip Trip

  1. Alexa, although the vegetarians won’t care, the Parma Sausage company on the Strip makes a great spicy soppressata. I think we got 4 meals out of an 8 oz. sausage last year. Unfortunately, it closed Friday at 3:30 before Mike could get there. We were too busy moving Maddy (and all those clothes) into her dorm:-) He did manage to buy fudge at Fudgie Wudgie though, and he found empanadas somewhere…


    • …the empanadas were from Reyna’s. You’ll have to ask Maddy how the black bean one was. I found the beef one dry and pretty bland…

      If you want a fish sandwich or fried clams, check out Wholey’s. Paulanne and I both had whiting sandwiches–8 oz of fish on one sandwich is more than enough to share!

  2. Give it up to the Maddy family for good food suggestions! I’ve heard that there are empanadas in the Strip, but I’ve never actually seen them myself. I’ll be keeping an eye out.

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