The Little Things in Life

I’ve always seen myself as someone who enjoys the little things in life and it doesn’t really take too much to make me happy. For example, you know those random instances in life that, for whatever reason, make you strangely happy? Or those little things that just make your day? I live for those.

I was at work earlier tonight and there I was, waiting on a table, and someone who I went to high school with recognized me and we chatted for a bit. This seems like a pretty normal interaction, and it was, especially because the restaurant I work at is in the same community as the one I grew up in. So of course you run into people you know all the time. The reason this interaction was noteworthy to me is the fact that this girl is 3 years older than me so, while we went to the same school for 12 years, we were never in the same classes or were friends or anything. We did play lacrosse together, but the last time we would have been on the same team was over 6 years ago, and I didn’t think she even knew who I was back then.

I don’t know why it surprised me so much that she remembered me (I had recognized her tonight too, but just pretended I didn’t know her) but I think it’s just the fact that most people (myself included) go around and notice/remember people, but they don’t think that other people notice or remember them. I had been having a pretty bad night at work, and her saying “Hey, you went to my school, right?” and then us having a short conversation literally changed my mood around! I still don’t know why this made such a big impact on me to write a blog post about it, but it may be that my roommates and I had a conversation about this whole recognition thing recently, so it was interesting to see it play out in my life just days later. Funny how things like that work out sometimes…

Or maybe all I’m trying to say is this: If you see someone you recognize, let them know you remember them. It may make their day.


3 thoughts on “The Little Things in Life

  1. This makes so much sense. It’s a whole lot easier to just let someone know you remember them rather than awkwardly looking at each other and calculating whether or not they remember YOU based on their face. So awkward. Why can’t we just go up and kiss everyone like in Argentina?

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