A Peek Into Jerry’s World

A new waffle eatery, Waffallonia, has opened in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Squirrel Hill! Obviously this was something I needed to experience, and I easily found some fellow takers. More on the that flavor-defying event soon. What I’d like to highlight right now is what we found while waffle-seeking.

For some reason, it seems that many of the guys who lived on my floor freshman year are now proud owners of working record players. Well, at least they’re almost-working record players. Our waffle group took a detour to Jerry’s Records so that the guys could find a needle for their player, and evidently enough, some records. Personally, I much prefer my iPod to clunky music machinery, so I wasn’t expecting to find much, but walking into Jerry’s is like walking into the garage and/or attic that I’m sure everyone’s parents dream of. I don’t even know how to really explain it, so here, I’ll show you.

It just went on and on like you wouldn’t believe! What looked like a hole-in-the-wall shop from the outside ending up being a labyrinth of rooms full to the brim with anything record-related. I don’t think we even walked through all of the rooms that the shop provides.

Presumably a canine representation of the shop's employees

Does anyone else remember watching this Disney movie? Here's the soundtrack for you!

We ended up staying longer than I expected. No one could resist browsing! Even though I didn’t recognize much of the music, looking at the cover art that people have come up with was amusing enough. I highly suggest Jerry’s for all your record needs because I don’t see how it’s possible that whatever you need wouldn’t be there. Even if you’re just looking for some time to kill while in the area, you won’t be let down!

– Alexa


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