Getting Artsy-Craftsy

Last weekend marked the 42nd annual Fair in the Park held at Mellon Park in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Shadyside. The weather was gorgeous (for the first half of) Saturday, so a couple friends of mine came with to take advantage of good weather and peruse the handmade crafts.

A lot more booths than I expected!

It can be frustrating looking at decorative items when you’re a poor college student with no reason to have ornate glass sculptures or adorable tiny pots that only exist to be cute in your ramshackle apartment. We enjoyed all of the craftsmanship nonetheless. Everything was gorgeous.

There was a tent or two filled with solely leather goods. It reminded me of the Argentine leather factory that Maddy, Abi, and I visited early on in our trip!

We found too many hats! A pair of older women talked to us for a bit while they spun yarn and we tried on ridiculous head toppers. I can’t say that any of them really fit my style, but it was a good time.

Beth ended up buying this beret. It was dyed with red Kool-aid!

After a good hour of examining pottery, photography, obscure paintings, blown glass, you name it, we decided to join many other fair-goers in taking a nap under the trees. A cover band was playing “Piano Man” in the background and a light breeze was blowing through. It’s little moments like those that sure make you love life.

Erin demonstrating the art of a perfect nap

– Alexa


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