The Best Part of the Day?


Seriously, there is nothing better than the feeling of putting on your pajamas at the end of a long day. Nothing!

I just finished eating a delicious Wednesday night family dinner (grilled cheese and tomato soup!) with my roommates while watching the end of Titanic on E!. I’m pretty sure that’s the only movie they play on TV anymore, probably because it’s coming out in theaters again next year. However, by that time, everyone will already have seen it on E! 50 billion times! I believe Alexa mentioned the Titanic-ness of TV these days in a tweet or something recently, but I may have made that up. Regardless, it’s slightly ridiculous how often its being played.

Too bad I end up watching it each and every time its on….



2 thoughts on “The Best Part of the Day?

  1. I’m starting to think it’s the only movie allowed on TV. Also, you watched the end? WHY? I can never make myself keep watching once it hits that point that Jack’s stuck below deck and everything’s flooding. My heart can’t handle it.

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