Empanadas Americanas

After much ado, HERE is the empanada post! I’ve been meaning to try making empanadas since we came back from Argentina, but just never made the time or got the motivation. I never really learned how, so that could have contributed, too. Thankfully, Friday Night Dinner makes me get adventurous, and let me say, it was definitely an adventure.

We were expecting a pretty sizable crowd, so my roommate and I thought we’d be super planners and make a few things ahead of time. Enter: cilantro pesto and corn-and-red-pepper filling. Mmmmm.

This was followed by a grocery store trip in which we gathered the rest of our ingredients. Unfortunately, the biggest grocery store near us didn’t have the tapas for the outside crust of the empanadas. Improvising, I decided that phyllo dough would suffice since it was the only frozen dough available. Well, it doesn’t. An hour, a realization, and an emergency store trip later, the dough was magically made from scratch.

Erin, you're the best.

After that hiccup, it was time to start filling! We were lucky enough to have a lot of help from a couple of Chilean friends that Maddy, Abi, and I met two summers ago along with their French roommate. It was like a little international empanada workshop!

Our imported help 🙂

Look at the first-timer go!

We ended up making more variations than expected. We had planned for the corn-and-red-pepper, pesto chicken, and spinach empanadas. A last-minute decision had us making caprese empanadas, too (because they’re the best ever). Then, after an outcry from the Chileans that there were no traditional meat empanadas (I know, what an outrage), a batch of those was whipped up.

Caprese deliciousness

(Cilantro) pesto chicken!

I'm assuming you can guess which one it is..

The meat ones are not pictured due to the mad rush to make them first (because apparently they’re more important than all others). They were ginormous and had rave reviews.

Got creative enough to differentiate between kinds!

We were feeling fancy, so they all got an egg bath for aesthetic baking effects.

So close!

Ahhh.. the finished product.

Really, if that isn't beauty, then what is?

Thankfully we had a bunch of leftovers following the feast. Once empanadas are actually made, they’re one of the most convenient snacks ever. I’m surprised to announce that there is one lone corn empanada buried in our fridge a full two weeks after the endeavor! I might have to go fix that.

– Alexa

5 thoughts on “Empanadas Americanas

    • They WERE! Thank you for the initial inspiration! Do you prefer the ones you make yourself or do you have a favorite place to get a fix?

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