Argentina vs. Chile: Fútbol Edition

Who caught the game last night?! I’ll admit I wasn’t aware of the Argentina vs. Chile match-up until José mentioned it yesterday, but after I knew, I was pretty dedicated to getting some soccer-viewing back in my life.

Sadly, being in a rented apartment meant for poor college students doesn’t give you all of the channels that cable has to offer. After being disappointed that my TV wasn’t going to let me watch the game live, I had to turn to the Internet. It’s not as easy as you’d think finding those games online! Very specific instructions from a friend were needed to navigate through the forums on some European website with various sporting events on it. I’m pretty sure the channel we found had Portuguese commentating.

If you don’t care to watch a full hour and a half of soccer, or you missed out, here’s a video with all of the goals. *Spoiler*: Argentina won 4-1! Vamoooooos 🙂

– Alexa


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