Light at the End of the Exam-Plastered Tunnel

Hey! Hi! We’re still here. 🙂

Midterms and internship searching have been keeping us busy little bees. Luckily, we’re almost out of the woods with midterm exams. Just two more weeks of suffering! Besides that, the three of us have been good business students by applying to internships for next semester and this summer.

Personally, I know there are always opportunities in Pittsburgh, or I could have gone home to do something in Chicago, but why miss an opportunity to travel, right? That’s why I’m SUPER EXCITED to announce that I’ll be interning in Salvador de Bahía, Brazil!! This is the second summer running of CBA’s International Internship Program, which I’ve wanted to do since I knew it existed. I was having a really hard time choosing between the Brazil location and Madrid, Spain, but my desire to learn Portuguese took over. Back to South America, it is! I’ll update more once I know what my internship will entail.

Not too shabby, eh?

Before all of that gets figured out, I’ll be traveling to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah in a few weeks to take a stab at the school’s Business Language Case Competition. Two other Pitt girls and I will be attempting to analyze a problem within a professional corporation and tell people how to solve it – in Spanish! Needless to say, our hopes for glory aren’t high, but I know it will be a good experience.

We argen-time bloggers will try to keep the updates coming now that plans are materializing! I know Maddy and Abi both have at least an interview or two coming up. Good luck, chicas!

– Alexa

6 thoughts on “Light at the End of the Exam-Plastered Tunnel

  1. Congratulations and Good Luck, Alexa!
    Marv & I got back a few hours ago from our cruise where we actually saw South America for the 1st time on our way between the Panama Canal and the island of Curacao.

    • That’s what I’ve always said! Still need to apply to approximately every scholarship that exists to solidify the plans, but I swear I’ll hitchhike there if I have to.

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