Polish Pittsburgh

Although the Polish community in Pittsburgh isn’t as prominent as that of Chicago (it has the highest Polish population outside of Warsaw!), Pittsburghers still celebrate their Polish heritage every year. Not only is the place full of beautiful handmade crafts, traditional dances, folk music, AND dishes made by adorable little Polish grandmas, but it takes place in our very own Cathedral of Learning! How could I pass that up? Here’s a peek at the 26th annual Polish Fest.

Got pierogi?

It's at least partly true.

I'm pretty sure these are irrelevant to Polish culture, but I wanted one anyway.

So who’s coming next year for some pierogies and kielbasa?!

– Alexa


4 thoughts on “Polish Pittsburgh

  1. Bousha used to make the best saurkraut and bacon pieogies! And the klushky for the from scratch chicken soup – wow. Even Marv remember the klushchiky for dessert. (not sure ’bout any of those spellings.)

  2. Hi:

    I am going to Poland., Warsaw & Krakow in 3 weeks to help them open up the first occupational therapy educational programs in the country.

    I am looking for a gift:
    A shirt that has Poland and Pittsburgh Penguin (hockey) emblem on it.

    Likely more than 1

    Saw at Ross Park Mall before Christmas and now gone.

    Do you know where I can purchase one locally?

    Thanks, dr. patricia crist, Duquesne university

    • That sounds like an amazing project, Dr. Crist! Unfortunately, I have no idea where you’d get those shirts. I just went to the one-day Polish festival that was in the Cathedral of Learning and snapped some pictures. Hopefully they’ll show up again before you leave! Good luck in Poland. I’d love to hear how everything goes.

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