You Can’t Win ‘Em All

Remember that lovely plan I had to be in Brazil this summer? Well, apparently I was the only one in the entire Pitt business college that wanted to check out and work in Salvador de Bahia, so I was told last week that the program was cancelled. Bummer, right? Now I’m trying to decide between doing the same program in Madrid or start applying to as many internships as humanly possible in the states. As of now, I’m stuck in limbo between the two. Any advice/suggestions?

Madrid? Or not? Hmm..

On a happier note, el guy argentino had a good visit! Somehow he survived the bitter cold after coming from sunny Buenos Aires. I’ll write about some of the fun stuff we did in Chicago and Pittsburgh over the holidays the next time I get a chance.

– Alexa


3 thoughts on “You Can’t Win ‘Em All

  1. It’s your life honey. You create your own destiny.
    Your friends and family help and encourage you as best
    we can. But you have to push the buttons.
    Good luck with your decisions.

  2. Bummer, Alexa. Since you’re in the same year and boat as Maddy, I’m assuming you want an internship to perhaps check out an area of interest to see if you really do want a job doing that. Good luck looking for other things you could be excited about.

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