Sway in the USA: Chicago

After quite a delay… Here are the pictures of what José (aka Sway, if you didn’t catch that) and I did during his visit! Due to the large amount of essays I’ve been writing for various study abroad scholarships, I’m not really in the mood for more words. That’s why you get a whole bunch of pictures! I’m going to split up the locations 1) because I take way too many pictures, and 2) so you can get a feel for Chicago’s and Pittsburgh’s personalities on their own.

After getting the Argentine kid from the airport (and a LONG nap on his part), we went right out to get a Christmas tree for decorating!

First trip downtown: to the Christkindlmarket. It was super crowded with other folks searching for German goodies.

Pretty handmade ornaments straight from Germany

Macy's, of course, was screaming for attention. We obliged.

A nice winter day (for Chicago standards) brought tons of ice skaters out!

Had to get a picture in front of The Bean, obviously.

All that walking makes you hungry. Chicago's solution: traditional deep-dish pizza.

Yum yum yummmmm!

Decided it was worth paying to see the city from the top of the Sears Tower (I refuse to call it the Willis Tower). Good decision?

We were brave kids and sat out in the glass boxes that pop out of the side of the building. I was a little nervous!

More traditional food: a Chicago-style hotdog from Portillo's. José looks like he's thinking about it, but the verdict was favorable.

FREAKING OUT because it was (barely) snowing! Agh!

2nd trip downtown: hung out near Lake Michigan

You didn't think we'd skip Navy Pier, did you?

Unfortunately the ferris wheel wasn't running at the time we went. Still pretty!

Christmas ponies on the pier!

After some failed self-timer attempts, a nice family took our picture. 🙂

Seeing all those Chicago staples tired the kid out!

Next up are the actual Christmas festivities! There were a few differences that we talked about regarding Argentine and American traditions, so I’ll mention those. Aww jeez, that means I have to write real words. Well, until then!

– Alexa

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