Buenos Aires from a Different Perspective

I may have creeped on Merritt’s (you remember her – she’s my mate amiga!) Tumblr page, Esta Vida Argentina, to steal this video I saw she had put up. If only it were real, I definitely would’ve taken carnival ride tours of the city. The future of tourism, perhaps? Either way, seeing la Casa Rosada and MALBA used as platforms for those little spinning teacups should put a smile on your face.

– Alexa


4 thoughts on “Buenos Aires from a Different Perspective

  1. Alexa
    Is people like you that makes me love Buenos Aires more and more.I cannot be more blessed to live here and meet wonderful friends like you.
    Thank you!! Thank you!!

      • Really? How soon che? Yo tambien estoy celosa.Vos vivis en el Estado mas DULCE de los Estados Unidos jaja….asi que estoy tanto o mas celosa que vos.Ah,no,espera.Tengo a Jose aca.Definitivamente vos estas mas celosa 🙂
        Un abrazo che,

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