Train Crash

Injured victims being pulled from the rubble

I was sitting in my Portuguese class early this afternoon when I saw a series of headlines on my Twitter feed saying there had been a train crash in Buenos Aires earlier today that had killed at least 49 people. At that time, the details were a bit vague, but it was obviously a terrible accident. As far as I know, no one that we know has been directly affected by the crash, but our thoughts go out to those who unfortunately have been.

– Alexa

3 thoughts on “Train Crash

  1. I literally couldn’t talk for an hour when the news broke. My husband spent the next hour calling friends and family and thank goodness everyone was okay, but my god does my heart ache for all of those people who lost their lives and their friends and family. 😦

    • I’m glad Lucas’s family and everyone you both know is ok! It really is hard watching things like that and not being able to do anything about it. Hopefully it’ll be a wake-up call for the city government that they need to spend more on infrastructure improvements, so nothing like this happens again.

  2. This is going to happen again,and again and again….the goverment is looking the other way.There is a lot of money involved here.No one (in the goverment and the company)cares about people here,Its just about making money! Months ago we suffered a tragedy with a bus and a train and my mom lost that bus THANK GOD!! Lots of people died also.
    So sad amiga.So sad.La CORRUPCION MATA!!!

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