American Accents on Argentine Avenues

If any of you watch The Amazing Race as religiously as I do, you saw last night’s episode where the teams ran all over the northern part of Argentina in Cafayate, Salta and then booked it to Buenos Aires for the other half of the second leg of the race.

Host Phil Keoghan with one of the "gauchos" at the pit stop.

Teams ended in the Recoleta neighborhood – right where Abi, Maddy, and I went to buy lots of the souvenirs we brought home!

The "Married Clowns" showed up to be greeted at the pit stop in a plaza in Recoleta.

It was kind of hard to watch in the sense that it made me miss being there, but it was the first time I’ve been familiar with where the contestants are, so that made it fun, too. Listening to how people were trying to pronounce the names of places that we’ve been to and speaking crazy Spanglish to cab drivers and any other poor porteño in sight was hilarious. The greeter at the end even looked a bit like Maradona! If you missed it, and want to get caught up, click on the link I put at the beginning to see past episodes. I highly recommend it. 😉

The little bought of nostalgia I got from watching the episode made me go through some old scraps of paper that I collected throughout our time in Argentina. I found a hand-written note in my wallet that simply said “Kevin Johansen”. Looking at it immediately brought me back to an afternoon studying in my favorite bookstore, La Eterna Cadencia, where I noticed that the music playing was talking about Palermo, the neighborhood in which we lived and I was studying at that moment! When the guy who was working at the time brought over my café con leche, I asked him who was in charge of the music, to which he said, “I am!” He chuckled at my observation and scribbled the name of the artist down for me to look up later. Well, later ended up being about 10 minutes ago. I went through a few of Kevin Johansen’s songs, and this one was immediately a favorite that I had to share. “Puerto Madero” talks about all of the popular neighborhoods in Buenos Aires that we visited during our time there with a fabulous American tourist accent. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do!

– Alexa

5 thoughts on “American Accents on Argentine Avenues

  1. I’m always watching Amazing Race and have come to a few places that we’ve visted before they got there -the Spice Market in Istanbul, The Hermatige in St. Petersburg & the Kremlin in Moscow. I love to see the world.

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