MVM? We Still Have That?!

That’s right. It’s back.

No, Daylight Savings time didn’t mess me up so much that I think today’s Monday. I was fully planning on posting this yesterday, but an early flight back to school yesterday put me right back in the midst of craziness as soon as I landed. It’s safe to say I passed out immediately after classes and work last night.

Anyway, in light of my future travels to Spain (That’s right! I’ll make an official announcement once I’ve bought a plane ticket and it feels more real.), I’ve been looking up new music in the hopes that I’ll hear something familiar once I’m there. This song was on the Top Songs list for Spain on Spotify, which I thought was a good place to start. I like the beat, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to that lisp-y accent they have over there. Enjoy!

For you non-Spanish speakers who are too lazy to use Google Translate, the name of the song is “The Girl Who Cries At Your Parties” and the band is Van Gogh’s Ear. How fun is that? 🙂

– Alexa


9 thoughts on “MVM? We Still Have That?!

  1. Alexa, you might be disappointed to learn that like 90% of the music you’ll hear in Spain is popular US music. They love them some Katy Perry and funny 90s soft rock. But of course you’ll definitely hear some la oreja de van gogh and a super popular international artist here is Michel Telo (Portuguese)!

    • Haha no worries.. I figured as much. I feel like that’s how it is in a LOT of countries, which is unfortunate. I’m hoping to try seeing more live music than I have been lately – a better chance of finding someone local rather than Katy Perry at an open mic or small concert! Oh, and Michel Telo is fabulous, so that popularity is warranted. Ok, at least for “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” haha because I haven’t listened to his other songs. I feel like that would ruin it.

      • And in Madrid there shouldn’t be any shortage of cool things like that. I was definitely a little disappointed to learn that most of the music here comes from the US or Britain. There are a couple places in Valencia with live Jazz and Reggae music, but I suppose that doesn’t help since you’ll be in Madrid! Butttt I would highly recommend you see as much of Spain as possible. So many cool cities!
        Oh and Michel Telo was here a couple weeks ago for a concert and the news was interviewing people (aka screaming teenage girls) in the crowd and not a single one of them knew of any of his other songs. So you’re not alone in your thoughts!

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