MVM: Chile

Our fellow Buenos Aires alum, Merritt, sent me a link to an NPR show called “Un Poquito Más Duro, Un Poquito Más Suave: New Music From Latin America“. Obviously, when Latin America and music are put together, I have to listen. I enjoyed most of the artists that were featured, but only one had me frantically clicking around looking for more songs: Ana Tijoux.

Not only is she from Chile, which will always have a place in our hearts, but she is FIERCE. She raps about what she’s experienced, about what’s plaguing her home country. You can see that in “Shock”, which addresses the protests that brought the Chilean education system to a halt in the last year. We have a bunch of friends who were affected by the protests, so the song holds more than just entertainment value. See for yourself!

Fun fact: since she grew up in France during the military dictatorship that ruled Chile in the 70s up til the early 90s, she might come out with a French album in the future!

Has anyone heard of Ana Tijoux before or another female Latin American rapper like her? This was the first time I’ve stumbled upon such a niche artist. Let me know what you think!

– Alexa


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