It’s Official: Argen-time… in Europe!

I hinted at it here and there that I may or may not be going abroad again in the near future. Ambiguity was having its way with me for a while, so I couldn’t say much one way or the other. Well, I can finally tell you that the application’s been approved, the funding’s been secured, the plane ticket’s been bought, and I’m going to Madrid!

I changed my desktop background (after having the same one for 3 years) to this picture taken in Madrid the day before hearing I got the scholarship I needed to go to Spain. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

So here are the deets (parent translation: details):

  • As usual, I’m going with a program. This time it’s Pitt’s International Internship Program.
  • I’ll be in Spain from mid-May ’til the beginning of August. Since we’re not getting visas, the EU only gives us 90 days to get in and get out. Love you too, Europe!
  • Even though I told myself I’d like to have a homestay or live somewhere “less American” the next time I went abroad, I’ll be living with fellow Pitt students in an apartment close to where I’ll be working. Program rules.
  • I got placed in an internship position a while ago but didn’t know if I was actually going to be able to do it! That being said, I’m *supposedly* doing a sort of benchmarking research project for EDENRED (formerly Accor Services). It’s an international (on 4 continents/in 38 countries!) firm that focuses on “prepaid corporate services”, like employee benefits, rewards cards, discounted transportation cards, etc.
  • Fun Fact: Close to 50% of the company’s sales come from Latin America! I have a feeling that my insane excitement about that fact might have been what got me the job.
  • The company’s French (EDEN = Entreprendre Différemment ENsemble). My boss is French. Hmm.
  • I’ve been appointed as one of the Social Media Content Providers for Pitt’s Madrid group, which means double blogging! Dream come true?! Ha, we’ll find out. One way or another, you’ll definitely know what I’m up to.

There you have it. That’s about all I can disclose for now because, well, that’s all I know! It seems like the departure date is fast approaching, but we’ve been told that Spain doesn’t worry too much about summer plans until… summer. That means it’s that time again; I need to kiss the U.S. hurriedness goodbye and just let things happen when they happen.

New flag to buy! Is it bad that the blue & white squiggles just made me think of Argentina?

I hope everyone’s as excited to read about the differences between Spanish and Latin American culture as I am to talk about them! For those of you who have been to Madrid, what are your favorite places in the city?

– Alexa


4 thoughts on “It’s Official: Argen-time… in Europe!

  1. Alexa!!
    Estoy tan feliz por vos che!! Te vas a la Madre Patria de Argentina. 🙂
    Cuanta alegria!! Accor Services tiene oficinas aqui en Buenos Aires.
    Las he visto en varios lugares.Bueno Negrita que tengas un lindo dia.Y no tengo ganas de escribir en ingles.Menos mal que tu español es buenisimo jaja
    Un abrazo gigante.

  2. Spain takes the no pasa nada attitude to the max and it’s fantastic. I think it’s going to be a lot different from what you experienced in BA, but you’ll find out soon enough! Congrats and I hope you love Spain as much as I do!

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