MVM: British Invasion

I’m giving Alexa the week off from posting an MVM ( 😉 ), so I thought I’d share one that probably only 5% of you will enjoy! In the midst of all this bomb threat craziness, I’ve decided to share our new obsession: One Direction! (For those of you who haven’t heard, we’ve had 57 bomb threats at Pitt since February 14th. Here’s a blog ALL about it. No worries – we’re all safe and sound, and nothing bad has happened yet!)

Back to cute British (and one Irish!) boys singing cute songs. These guys were on the X Factor in the UK a year or two ago, and we have to say that they’re just fantastic. Oh, and you get to go around London with them on a big red bus in the video! Now, without further ado…

If you follow us on Twitter, you know that the three of us jammed out to One Direction during a break in our 4+ hour group meeting last week! Hope some of you can reach down to your inner teenager and dance around the room like crazy people with us!



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