How Many Plane Tickets Does That Equal?

I’ve noticed that travelers have their own concept of money. I don’t just mean in the sense that they’re always saving up for trips, so they’re more frugal. Once you’ve made the decision to make travel your priority, things get measured a bit differently. A common phrase I hear, and have definitely said, is “think of how many plane tickets that would get you!” It puts things in perspective because “plane tickets” cease to just be expensive pieces of paper and instead become a measure of life-changing experiences.

I stumbled upon this video last night on a high school classmate’s Facebook page. Her accompanying comment, “really wishing I could be a world traveler right now!” caught my attention, and is something a lot of us say to ourselves but don’t really expect to ever do. I think the guy in the video definitely has the traveler mentality when given a huge wad of cash. See for yourself!

In my opinion, he still got Nike’s message across perfectly. Win-win situation! I plan on taking this short motto with me from now on. Realize what’s important to you in life, do it, and make it count.

– Alexa


4 thoughts on “How Many Plane Tickets Does That Equal?

    • Hahaha that’s probably the most enthusiastic response I’ve heard to a travel video! I guess I’d be up for it, too. 😉

  1. Saw this video on Gawker (or maybe Gizmodo..?) the other day! I was going to put it in a post myself, but you seem to have beat me to it 😉 Great minds..

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