On The Road: Opryland Resort

My brother recently moved to Kentucky for a new job and my family went down to visit him this weekend. Yay, road trip! I’ve never been to Kentucky before, so I was excited to see it and also head down to Nashville, TN! First off, driving through the flat part of Ohio is awful. I hate it there. I was also attacked by a stink bug while in the car and that just about traumatized me. Had I been driving, we definitely would have crashed.

Thank god after that we were able to head south and see some of Kentucky (and get into the nice 80° weather!) We made it to my brother’s new apartment in about 8 hours and were able to check out parts of his town and hang out for the rest of the night.

Nice golf course views from the apartment

The next morning we headed down to Nashville, but made a stop at the Opryland Resort, which ended up being probably the coolest thing of the whole trip. I hadn’t heard of Opryland before this trip, so I was surprised to find out it was this HUGE hotel that has botanical gardens throughout it. (Pittsburghers: think Phipps, but bigger and better!)

The hotel has thousands of rooms that overlook three different conservatories, which contain beautiful gardens and waterfalls. There are a also bunch of restaurants under the canopy of tropical trees, looking over the streams and koi ponds.

There was a wedding here later that day!

Sibling pic

It was an absolutely gorgeous hotel and I definitely want to stay here someday!

Next up: Nashville!



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