Latin America Comes to Pittsburgh

We’re officially done with finals! Maddy and Abi have already packed up and left campus for the summer, and I’m left here to chill for two weeks waiting around for Spain. That explains why I can now write about the Latin American and Caribbean Festival that happened weeks ago!

Surprisingly (to me, at least), Pittsburgh has a pretty strong Latin American community. The annual festival is definitely its time to shine. You can just imagine how excited I was to walk into rooms full of empanadas, dulce de leche, things made out of alpaca fur, and Spanish speakers galore. It was beautiful.

The main room with vendors and tables to set down your trays piled with deliciousness

Earrings from a Peruvian place in Pittsburgh's neighborhood of Squirrel Hill called Paititi - I couldn't decide which pair I wanted!

Jarritos! and a Mayan calendar at a vendor's table

Jerseys, of course

Twisty Wire Man, as I like to think of him

A Twisty Wire Man original creation


Robby showing off the empanadas we tried

Verdict: The spinach emps from Lo de Ferch@ (our regular empanada stop that was across from Elda's house!) are way better.

Yummy Peruvian place just a few blocks from my apartment! Yes, they have chicken.

FUN FACT #1: The Argentine woman who was at the table with the empanadas and the dulce de leche cake had a shirt on that said “Got empanadas?”. I, of course, freaked out and asked her where she got it from. She couldn’t really remember, so I was sad. I also forgot to take a picture of her, so I was extra sad.

FUN FACT #2: My mom bought me the shirt for my birthday. Everything has been righted.

1st sight upon entering the room with the performances: Truth & Rites -- Basically, lots of dreadlocks. Is the middle guy not absolutely terrifying?

Fake Colombians from Slippery Rock University! They definitely didn't dance like white people, though. It was pretty amazing.

LOOK AT THE TINY BABY DANCER (right)! Ahhhh she was so precious!

Also, these were the real Colombians. They didn't dance like white people, either.

The Latin American Cultural Union (LACU) of Pittsburgh had a whole medley of dance numbers. That little girl in the middle was in a bunch and was pretty bossy (in a good way).

The group I was with had to take a break (The festival was from noon to midnight! They weren’t messing around.), but we went back later to watch the Brazilian groups do capoeira and play music. I was too busy being amazed to really take pictures, so I’ll leave those images up to your own imagination.

If you’re near Pittsburgh for next year’s festival, come take a look! Or at least grab an empanada. I know I definitely will be.

– Alexa


One thought on “Latin America Comes to Pittsburgh

  1. What an awesome shirt. I bet you could buy them at Cafe Press, but that’s great your Mom found one. What a fun fun fun event!!!

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