MVM: Pre-Madrid

Hey, so… Turns out I’m leaving for Madrid in less than a week. Weird, right? I’m not used to it either. As you’ve probably noticed from the return of Music Video Monday, I’ve been trying to find as much Spanish music as possible to prep myself a bit. This song by Juan Magan has been making its rounds on my iPod for quite some time. It’s about Madrid! It’s relevant! Yeah!

The ending’s a bit inexplicable, but I mean, it’s technically summertime. Can’t really blame those girls.

If anyone has any tips or advice on packing/preparing for Spain or on what your favorite spots are in Madrid, por favor help a girl out!

– Alexa


8 thoughts on “MVM: Pre-Madrid

  1. I don’t know how long you’ll be there, but it’s gonna be hottt and no one will be wearing shorts except for silly tourists, so get yourself some linen pants and thank me later haha.

    Also, I’ve only visited Madrid a little, but you absolutely must check out Guernica in the Museo Reina Sofia. It also has a bunch of famous Dalí paintings. The Prado is good for more classic artists, like Velázquez, El Greco, and Goya (must-see: Las Meninas by Velázquez).

    • Agghhh no shorts?! I’ve definitely heard that before, but they told us the same thing in Argentina, and it was a lie, so I was hoping I could get away with them. I’ve been slowly stocking up on dresses and skirts, so I guess now’s their time to shine. Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll be there until August, so it’s going to be like an oven.

      It seems like there’s always a battle between the Prado and Reina Sofia when I hear about art in Madrid! Guess I’ll just have to check out both, huh? 😛

      • Oh no, it’s definitely the truth. Sevillanos here joke that they can instantly pick out tourists. But hey, at least by then, they likely will stop wearing tights with the dresses and skirts! Yes, that’s right, even when it’s 80 here, they’re wearing tights.

        Oh yeah, definitely check out both! 🙂

  2. Sorry, Alexa, have only seen the airport, but it was waaaaay cool. I’m counting on your blog and great photos to show me some of the city.

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  4. Enjoy the tapas in Spain! Patatas bravas, tortilla espanola, croquettas, and chorizo are my personal favorites. And it’s not going to be too hot when you first get over there, so be prepared for that. It’s like 75 in Valencia right now, and just barely warm enough for shorts, so I’m guessing it’s a little cooler in Madrid. But yeah people stare at you like you’re crazy if you wear shorts and right now people are still in their winter jackets. As for Madrid, my favorite plazas are definitely Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor…probably everyone else’s favorites too. And definitely take advantage of the train system (website is It’s a cool way to see the countryside since they go everywhere, and they’re usually reasonably priced. But good luck and have fun! I already miss Spain terribly!

    • Thanks so much for all of the tapas recommendations, Katie! I’ll definitely be trying them all out. 😛 To be honest, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to completely melt this summer, so I’m glad it’s not scorching yet. I only packed a couple pairs of shorts that don’t really look like shorts (?), so hopefully that won’t be screaming “TOURIST!” I’ve got the train website saved now! I really appreciate it! My plan is to do more traveling within Spain than go on a crazy Eurotrip, anyway.

      I’ll be the first to say I’m sorry about your return to the US. Just like they always tell us, reverse culture shock is so so much harder. Haha sometimes I feel like I’m still going through it. Keep yourself busy and go crazy with all of your pictures and souvenirs!

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