The Suite Life: Madrid

If you hadn’t figured it out by now, I got to Madrid just fine! Getting through customs was the easiest thing on Earth; the lady letting me in hardly even looked at my passport and there were no forms! I guess Europe is convenient that way. After grabbing my bags and changing money (it was painful), I was faced with a question: Wait 3 hours for the group shuttle to show up, pay too much money to take a taxi to my apartment, or test my navigation skills a bit? Onward I went to find the Metro! Madrid’s metro system is absolutely fantastic. I would compare it to D.C.’s, if you’ve ever been there. After accomplishing that feat, I had an idea of which way I needed to go to get to our apartment, but a nice cab driver took pity on me and picked up the lost foreign girl with her big bags. I was only a few blocks away, though! Baby steps.

Today was the first day of Spanish class. I liked it a lot better than what we had in Argentina for our first month of intensive Spanish; the classes are much smaller, so everyone gets to talk all the time. We started by giving a mini-bio on ourselves so that we could know our classmates better, and, of course, as soon as I finished talking, my teacher’s first question was, “have you had an Argentine professor before?” The accent is “muy evidente“, in her words, but I guess we’ll have to continue onwards thinking that each other’s accents are super weird! Although, I’m already getting used to the lisp. Which is scary.

Yesterday was mostly unpacking and trying to figure out our neighborhood a bit. In order to keep ourselves away from our beds until a normal hour (jet lag is real!), I brought two of my roomies to meet up with a friend who has been studying in Madrid since January. He took us on a FANTASTIC tour of the center of the city: Plaza Mayor, the Royal Palace, La Latina (a couple of streets full of adorable little bars), Puerta del Sol, and other little tidbits of the area. It was nice just walking around and taking everything in, so unfortunately, you don’t get any pictures of that. I’ll definitely go back! Don’t fret! I do have pictures of our cutesy little apartment, though!

Right when you walk in the front door, you can go through to the hall where my room, two other rooms, & the bigger bathroom are.

If you look to the left, you can see our gorgeous living room.

La cocina!

Welcome to my room! That’s right… MY room. No one else. Different than Elda’s, that’s for sure! 😀

The view out from my bedroom window – We’re on the 4th of 7 floors.

The little courtyard if you look down 🙂

There’s your mini-tour! There is absolutely no food in our house, so we’re off to find a grocery store. Talk soon!

– Alexa

3 thoughts on “The Suite Life: Madrid

  1. After reading your post that you were getting on the plane for Madrid, in your honor I watched a House Hunters International for Madrid. The couple actually ended up in the La Latina area. I like it. Have fun!

    • How perfect! I went there again last night. Hopefully they’re big bar-goers because they probably have the best selection in the city right outside their door. Thanks for watching that show in my honor! I’ve always loved it. 😛

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