MVM: French Reggaeton?

1. I needed to make sure I got up a music video today since last Monday was full of craziness like going to Spanish class for the first time, attempting to buy groceries, etc.
2. This song is representing both my unashamed love for reggaeton along with my trip to Paris this weekend because it totally got played in a bar that I went to with my roommate. The amount of jumping up and down and squealing that went on when the DJ got into his little Latino set was embarrassing but so well deserved. 😛
3. Yes, this is the first artist repeat we’ve had… but come on, Daddy Yankee is worth it.

I’ll write about the trip to France as soon as I get some time to put up all the pictures! After sleeping about 10 hours all weekend and going straight from the airport to Spanish class this morning, I could definitely use a good night’s rest. Prepare yourself for Frenchy fabulousness in the mean time!

– Alexa


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