Random Observations: Girly Stuff

Remember that fun little Random Observations series we had in Buenos Aires? Well, I planned ahead this time and have been keeping a list of weird and interesting things that I notice in Madrid. So as not to unleash the craziness on you all at once, I’ll only give up a few at time. Luckily, I had some that I could loosely group together as Girly Stuff!

1. If I could categorize the most commonly worn shoe styles, they would be either high tops or high heels.

Ridiculously huge skate shoes, tight jeans or leggings, baby optional

2. If a Spanish girl is wearing a dress or skirt, she’s definitely wearing clear/transparent/beige/whatever stockings with them. I haven’t figured out what the point is yet. Do they make you look tanner?

3. The American flag is a fashion trend. No lie. I’ve seen it on shirts, painted across the front of shorts, in Converse form, and even as the print for an entire dress.

I can’t lie… I kind of like ’em!

4. Girls are the same in every country (that I’ve been to). They chat and gossip. They go to the bathroom in groups. They’re embarrassed to wear a bikini in public. Some things are universal that way!

Well, there are your mostly fashion-related and girly observations. I’ve been seeing a lot of things that I didn’t expect having to do with the environment and use of energy, so that might be the next list to look out for!

– Alexa

8 thoughts on “Random Observations: Girly Stuff

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