So This One Time, I Went to Paris…

Oh yeah! Paris! Remember that little trip I mentioned? Heh. 😛 This post has been looming over me, mostly because I have so many pictures to choose from. Once I looked through the ones I have, I realized it just wouldn’t be fair to cut them all down to one annoyingly long post, so I’m going to do this a day at a time. Here it goes. (Click on the first picture to flip through!)

Pretty jam-packed day, right? I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was absolutely fantastic. France won me over from the start. That actually means something coming from the girl who used to say that Europe was “too cliché” to want to go see. I mean, I still talk about South America ALL the time, but the few areas of Europe that I’ve seen so far are pretty freaking cool. It deserves the hype. More Paris to come soon!

– Alexa

P.S. – As you can see, I decided to do pictures a little differently than normal because it was easier. Let me know if you hate this format or not so I don’t make anyone angry. There should be no reason to be angry while talking about amazing trips!

2 thoughts on “So This One Time, I Went to Paris…

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