… and I Met Some Frenchies

Paris: Day 2-ish

Erin had made some local Frenchy friends through her CEA classes, so we met up with them during my first full day to chat for a bit (in a Starbucks, of all places). After making fun of each other’s accents, sipping tea and coffee, and learning some new phrases, they asked us, “would you want to go to Versailles tomorrow?” Umm… Is that really a question? YES! So here I leave you with pictures of the grandiose richness that makes up the Palace of Versailles.

“Are you sure this is Versailles? I thought it was supposed to be more… golden.”

“Oooooh THERE it is! I found it!”

“Are you sure we’re in France? I’m kind of getting an Asian vibe.”

We called him Hercules.

The best local tour guides we could’ve asked for: Gaëlle and Arthur!

Why aren’t there ever this many chandeliers in my house?

Someone actually slept in THIS?

“And this one’s about one of the times when France kicked some ass.”

How many races have happened down this hallway you think?

Descartes: named ugliest statue in the palace – Winner!

Tourists get made fun of by locals all over the world. 🙂

Versailles for Dummies. Love the translation.

I said that those should be their Halloween costumes this year. Don’t you agree?

We had some issues getting our main tourist pic figured out.

We waited through the whole tour of the palace for the best part: the gardens!

Oh wait, the Garden Nazis wouldn’t let us enjoy nature without paying their fee and saying the right password. So much for that.

I almost wanted to join the emo Frenchy in moping at the statue at the entrance.

Even though we were denied garden access, the palace was gorgeous, and it was such a fun day in general! I still can’t really believe that I managed to see so much in Paris in such a short amount of time, but I have Erin, Gaëlle, and Arthur to thank for that. It always helps to know some locals!

– Alexa

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